My name is Vicky and I`m Slovak girl, practically living on the road or.. how to say it. I don`t live on the road constantly, but it is in plan, so.. I really don`t like boxing, when it comes to describing myself.

Let say it in this way..

.. I`m young Slovak woman, who finished university and with master` s of economy I decided to follow my heart instead of following what was expected from me. I decided that I want to travel, I want to live fulfilled life and do what I love to do. I decided that I want to write and just go and do what I feel that I should. Go to wild places, explore as much as I can and take as much from it as it offers. From it – from my life. So, 2 days after I have got my university education done, I packed my backpack, I got rid of the rest of stuff and went straight against Norway, to begin my journey.

So here I am now.

Are you asking, why so? Simple, I decided that I want to be happy. I have this life now, and I won`t waste it by being angry, sad or unsatisfied with what is going on around. And I want to make happy you! Show you how awesome life is and how beautiful staff are everywhere around us. Inspire you for a bit when you need it or introduce you to new passion whatever.

Comfy seat

You can simply start with music here you can find Spotify add-on and my playlist called LiveAsUnicorn.

Collection of the best songs which I have ever heard. Regularly actualized.

So here I`m, currently working as dishwasher in Thai restaurant (update: I´m Chef now! ), living temporary in rented place in Oslo and running out my blog. Earning money for a van, which I want to build into home and with budget for couple of months, start my journey to Spain (or wherever it comes). What will come than I have no clue, but if you are interested you should click here.

Enjoy and don`t forget to get to know Anička. My little Unicorn.

Anička in Marseille