To make it all happen

Now you know How I met Anička and what happened Before I met her. When the story began, I had enough space to think about my life. I decided that I want to finish university, pack my backpack and leave Slovakia. I wanted to earn some money on the beginning and then, we´ll see, travel … Continue Reading

How I met Anička

As in each good story, there was an important meeting on the beginning. There had to come someone who was able to see an unicorn on the beach. Some kind of guide to help to reach her own guide within her. And of course, there had to be a love. I met Anička during my … Continue Reading

Before I met Anička

One person once asked me to play this game with him, when we were sitting on a small beach on the end of summer with the bottle of rum. We didn´t know anything about each other, not even names since we just met. He said “Let play this game, I will tell you my life-story, everything … Continue Reading