Alternative way of cosmetics

Hello there I’m so glad to see you here. Maybe you clicked here after you read previous article – Lets talk about cosmetics or maybe something different inspired you to broaden horizons with alternative ways of cosmetics. In any case – welcome So why should we even think about alternative cosmetics? In mentioned article I … Continue Reading

January – Movie: Few words

Hi guys I decided to share with you regularly a new inspiration for a good movie worthy to watch, interesting book or whatever what got me with an extreme need to share. I don´t mean it by bringing you the newest blockbusters available to get,  but I can promise you, that each month I will do my … Continue Reading

1. Chapter – Milan

It was heavy, strong rainy storm when she came there. Water was falling down from the sky in cold, massive streams and sang by loudly noise on the ground. The lake was lost in the white fog as she could not even imagine how this place will look in the morning. When all shades of … Continue Reading