That is a strange title for an article from someone claiming a love for a travel. Ok I got you, I will not be so strict here. You can travel as much as you want to. I am just simply asking you to realize, that you are not protected by an invisible bubble while travelling. The bubble allowing you to be careless about an environment. Every your step on this planet have an impact for future generations and for a present as well. Just like mine. No one tells you that in mainstream media because it is a touchy subject.

Life is a journey, lets all travel and destroy this beautiful planet what we have got!

Sometimes by meeting tourists/travelers I feel like this is their motto. Do not take me wrong, I know I am a part of it. Just by visiting a place and then sharing it with friends or writing about it I am adding to this big circle. I can see that some big travel bloggers are starting to realize this fact (something what got my attention from Adventurous Kate). People see, people want to go, then go and then share and here we go. Thousands more people see and want to go. Sooner than you realize places are breaking under the number of tourists. Maybe this was one of the main reasons why I was so short with traveling articles before my break.  So maybe this is the way for me to go. In the beginning, when I discovered the taste of traveling and played with an idea to write about travels I knew that I want to write the truth about places which I visit. So here we go. Game has started.

We can all agree that travelling is a beautiful thing. It is changing our perspective of what is there around us. Opening our eyes and minds in such a manner, that nothing else could do it in the same way. I would not be the person who I am today if I had never packed my first backpack. For me travel is my way of life. It is me packing backpack and never coming back. Am I still a traveler if I am constantly moving on? Maybe a nomad would be a better term.

Anyway, many people claim to be travelling in a manner of discovering foreign cultures. Let us be honest here, how much do we actually care for those cultures?



So many young/older/old folks are going crazy and doing everything what they can to travel, to take a picture and to post in on social media. It is all great and beautiful, but why, why on the Earth do you have to destroy a planet while doing so? The first pillar of a travelling should be RESPECT, guys. The respect to a place where you travel to and the respect to the place where it is all possible – Our Mother Earth. Actually this should be the first pillar of any activity. But lets talk about it later, in a different article.

I got sick of travelling I can tell you. I turned into a little hateful sultana for a while, not seeing a way out of there. I love to travel and just the idea of being settled in one spot forever is driving me crazy. But I do not want to be, by any circumstances connected with travelers who are turning every little hidden place into a trash bin. Travelling is destroying our home in many ways. Tourists think that they have to see everything, try everything, taste everything and they do not have to think about footprints which they are leaving because they are there just once, they are paying for it and so why should they care. Someone else will clean up.

My journey to Australia has opened my eyes a lot. And it is all coming back to an old famous topic – money. Tourism is a money factory. There are places where you will not find anything else apart from what can be profiting the tourism industry. That is very sad. Tourists/travelers are leaving enormous footprints on countries. Carefully wrapped in a luxury paper, so you do not expect such dirt hiding in.

I believe there is a way

I do not want to encourage you to stop travelling. I want to encourage you to change your ways. To sit in a cafe if you want a coffee, or to bring your own cup, mug, jam jar or whatever if you want to enjoy it with sunset on the beach. So much was written about disposable coffee cups already, did not you get it yet? I want to encourage you to care about the people in the place where you are. To pick up rubbish (and I skipped “your” for a reason here!) and to consider who you will give money to by buying souvenirs.

I am asking you to find the time to appreciate the place where you are. To breathe in the fresh air and honor the wild life around you. You did not visit a place if all you did was just take pictures and post it on social media so all of your so called friends can get jealous of where you have been. In the end of it, I would  consider if we really need to go to all those places. To visit places which were sacred for generations by indigenous people and were turned into touristic paradises by nowadays societies. I am asking, if you really need to see and touch all of those wild animals, snorkel around Great barrier reef or climb that mountain. (I heard a lot about Uluru, maybe you did too.)

Traveling/ Consumerism

People are raised to consume. Food, clothes, furniture, cars, life… travels. Consume everything,  right now and at the highest standard. So we can all feel like kings and queens. And that is where all our problems began. It takes a big step to leave that life. To come back down to the Earth.

It is all about the point of view and a way how we do things. You should ask yourself why are you traveling to that place. What are you searching for and be honest while answering. Many travelers claim to be looking for themselves. What is great, that is what I do too. But it is on all of us, to realize how big the impact is. I bet, that you will not find yourself by eating McDonald on that beautiful beach and leaving leftovers behind. Well maybe you will, maybe you realize how careless you were and start to care about the planet finally. 

How to leave less impact

There are plenty of ways how to help the environment while traveling. The first step would be to keep in mind that you want to leave as least impact as possible. Then, maybe you could pick up rubbish whenever you pass by some? Wherever you are, whoever is looking or at least once a day. Maybe you could skip that take away and eat in a restaurant or go shopping and cook. Maybe you could not take a flight and maybe you should not use Airbnb. Maybe you could actually listen to locals and skip your adventurous trip into sacred place. And maybe you could actually think about animals before taking an interaction paid to tourism office. Who the hell is paying to those animals for their hard working hours?

Take your own bottle of water when you go on trip and do not leave it in national parks. Just because they do not have a bin does not mean you should throw it into the bush? They do not have those bins there for a reason! I am sure that you are able to carry it with you back home, if you were able to carry it with you on the beginning of the trip. Stop being lazy, life is not all about comfort! If you want to have an adventurous experience, be adventurous and carry your belongings.

While visiting the beautiful Royal National Park I was disgusted to see every few meters an empty plastic water bottle stuck in bushes. I was picking them up until I my backpack and hands were full. It is a cliff, with strong wind, above the ocean. What do you reckon, where all those bottles will go? Do not be lazy! It will not hurt you to pick up after yourself and others.

I know that you want to experience all those magical things which you saw on the internet. But keep in mind, that everything has an expiry day. Especially by overusing, we are adding to the speed of achieving that point.

There is a place called “Wedding cake” in mentioned Royal National Park. It is very popular so everyone wants a photo on the edge. But folks, it is made of a sandstone and hanging above the ocean. So what happened? It has started to break. So they put a fence there because they would like to sustain it for a future generation. But what do people do? They need to have a photo! A stupid, picture. While I was there at least 20 people climbed the fence. Good on you folks..

In November 2018, we had an opportunity to live for a bit in the ancient Daintree, the oldest tropical rainforest in the world. We were very excited to have an opportunity to spend time in such an ancient, untouched area. Pf, untouched.. We supposed to work there for 3 months to get an extension on my visa, but after a week we packed our blue car and left as fast as we could. I feel like our experience was very much influenced by the actual place where we stayed. I am not going to give any names here. It is a poisoned place. White man taking advantage of the ancient world.

We left and I feel like everyone should do the same. Tourism industry is destroying that place. The forest is crying under a weight of people who are not even appreciating a power of the magic presented there. I cried a lot there. I felt that the place cannot handle visitors anymore. I thought that just by our presence we could help the place, to bring a bit of light into that darkness, but that was not the case. The thing for everyone to do is to leave. Daintree can take care of itself.

I am not a perfect traveler

I am still causing some problems to the environment. We are living/travelling in a car, burning fossil fuels wherever we go. Poisoning the life around, but we are in a turning point, guys. Something what my man always reminds me of, and I am so grateful for it, is that we were brought into this world and can not change everything overnight. But it is changing. People are changing this world, but first, people need to be aware of how the darkness began. Then start to shine a light on it. We have this opportunity every day, on every trip.

Just simply start by appreciating a place. Your energy has much more power than you think. My man and I pick up rubbish everywhere we go and we try to leave as least negativity as we can. I believe a great way that you can give back to nature is to help keep it clean.

I am not done with this topic. I will bring up more when the time is right. Thank you guys, for reading and do not forget to shine!



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