It did happen, that my inspiration for a blog faded away. It did happen, that for a very long time I could not find a courage to share my thoughts again. I honestly think, that a part of a reason for it was a wideness of my interests and inability to cover and divide it into my blog. The licence ran away, problems with plugins and updates  were just raising and one day, approximately a year ago, my server just turned off. I let it to be and focused on my journey as it was. But I knew at that time, that I am not done. Cause writing is a part of my journey, just as a travelling is but it is not a journey itself.

I am searching and seeking each day. Walking my path as I have chosen it. And I have chosen it to be a writing about our world, about my world and about your world.

My journey took me to Australia and last year I spent by wondering around this far away continent, but is it so far away when I am actually ‘in it’?

I had a time to reflect on what I wanted to achieve with writing my blog. And I can tell you what did happen. When I started the blog I put myself into position of a traveler writing a blog, what was never a complete true for me. Do not get me wrong, as I told you on the start – travelling is a part of my journey, and it is one of the primal parts, but it is not my journey itself. I did not come to this world just to simply travel to places and encourage others to do the same. That is not it, that is not correct and that is why after time my inspiration and motivation faded away.


I have created this blog on the first place as an inspiration. An inspiration for a life itself. In all its colors. Since my blog was turned off I was thinking about it a lot. I was thinking if I should come back, if there are things what I want to share and write about. If I will find enough of topics to cover and if it is the right thing for me to do. And what was the solution? Well, the solution is question itself. Why would I spend so much time by thinking about something if it was not the true thing for me to do? I have waited more than a year to find out, to be sure. And hell, I am sure!

But this time I am not going to give myself any label, I am not going to put any goal in front of me. I am not going to build my living around this little online spot. My life is what my life is build on. And this is a place for me to share it with world. Why? Because I can and because writing is a drive for me, to be improved.

We are living an exciting times folks. There is a need for a world to be awaken. There is a true which needs to be said out loud. And so, there are topics which need to be covered.

I do not know where this blog is taking me and how often I will find time to actually post something. But I know that if I let this drive die, I will just kill a big part of me, which wants to be shown. And I am not going to do this to me, I love myself too much to do this.

Not much will change on the surface. You will still find travelling articles, articles focused on life itself and hopefully more of something what I call MineArt. The story did not change as well, there is still that little Slovak girl wondering with backpack around the world and discovering truth about herself. And Anicka is still with me. But maybe just the drive behind it all will change. Will see, lets take one step after another, but I can tell you guys, it is great to be back!




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