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I’m so glad to see you here. Maybe you clicked here after you read previous article – Lets talk about cosmetics or maybe something different inspired you to broaden horizons with alternative ways of cosmetics. In any case – welcome So why should we even think about alternative cosmetics?

In mentioned article I explained few aspects what should each consumer of cosmetics knows and considers in his consuming. So, well – I think almost each person here. Now I would like to share some tips how to improve your health and welfare as well as you can truly safe a lot of money which you are spending on cosmetics. Before we talked about why should we avoid dangerous chemicals now lets talk about how.

How to avoid dangerous chemicals?

If you want to save your health you should be more picky in drugstores and spend some minutes to read a label. There are plenty of natural and chemical free brands which are trying to make use of cosmetics more safe. But just keep in mind – natural is not always natural when it comes to cosmetic so definitely be careful also with those kinds of products. In any case you will have to learn names of dangerous chemicals or you can download App – Think Dirty from app store. Then you can simply scan barecode or type the name of product and magic will happen! You will find the list of all ingredients of product with awesome description. Not all products are found there by now, but at least you can very easily find out effects of chemicals.


My experiments

You know, when I hear read or feel about something what resonates with me, I’m by nature – scientist and I’m doing my experiments, to see own results. If it works, great I’m keeping it as mine. So it came after I moved out from the boat (What a life at the boat thought me you can read here ) that I decided to quit cosmetics. I barely heard something about that but I wanted to try if it works.

And it does, so you should do the same!

I’m kidding.

I know that modern people getting crazy when I look at them and tell that I’m not using cosmetic. And I don’t mean decorative cosmetic, with that I quited few years ago and it is very common ‘trend’. But – I’m not using commercial cosmetic, in any kind. And, surprisingly it works  But it doesn’t mean that there is nothing what I put at my skin.

Well, it was time when it was truly nothing

I just moved out from the boat and felt that I should use some skills learnt by bit harder condition from last months and use it as mine. As we didn’t have a shower, we used it once per week at some nicer squats. I was using all kinds of products what could make me feel smelly and shiny after this weekly hygiene routine. But it was always so complicated to take all those various bottles with me. Imagine that each time when you want to take a shower you have to pack everything what you need for and after it and walk through city. It gets bit annoying.

So after, when I moved to nice apartment I decided to take this small experiments of using soap just once in week. I truly wanted to have a shower each day finally. Especially after work But I loved it so much that I have never used soap since. After other experiments came. So I can tell you. Believe me, you can survive without any kind of cosmetics. That is what I wanted to tell you.

I would like to introduce you – Say hello, this is your body

It is funny that most of the people behave like their body is something completely separated from them. But guys, it is your body – you are responsible for it. If you will take care of it, it takes care of you. Simple.

Forgetting about commercial cosmetics thought me a lot about my body. By avoiding cosmetics I learnt which  I truly need and what makes me feel good. It is constant study of body and environment to find pleasant condition. But I love it, I love to learn new things each day and by seeking alternative ways of living there are plenty of new information available.

It wasn’t fast process for me, I didn’t quit with commercial cosmetics in one day and in true I didn’t have some higher purpose when I did so. Until this point (when I’m writing about it) I didn’t read anything about danger of its use. I just decided that I don’t know what it is made of, so I’m not going to put it on me. I took it also as experiment to see, if people truly need all those modern use of cosmetic. But somehow, through the way of my life I felt a need to clean my organism from everything what I could.

Alternative ways

I’m learning on myself and I’m not at the end of this process. It will go for lifetime so I’m just sharing few simple alternatives. Slowly I’m starting to get into process of DIY cosmetic made by myself and I love it a lot. But that’s me. I love to create things which I can use to simplify my life. But you truly don’t have to know a lot about that. I will put the list of basic natural products what you can use for your skin and hair. And they have even better effects than commercial cosmetic, so it is sacred information. SHARE IT I will be short here, I assume that we all know those basic ones, just remembering.

Coconut oil

Great for everything about skin. All various skin problems and troubles. You can use it on burned skin, cuts, bites. Whatever. It has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects. Smells amazing. You can use it in a kitchen as well, for everything (you can even buy one without taste if you don’t really like it in your dishes). Here more info.

Shea Butter

Even better alternative way than coconut oil because of its consistence. Same usage as coconut oil and you can also eat it if you want. It is maybe harder to get and bit more expensive, but it can replace all creams and lotions. In combination with coconut oil and some herbs or essential oils you have complete magic in a glass which you can use for everything. Info

Baking soda

If you come across DIY cosmetic, you will see that with coconut oil and baking soda you can create almost everything. I have used baking soda in my toothpaste and deodorant. And both works great. But it is another super product for extremely wide usage. More info here.

Spices/Herbs/Essential oils

You know from where all that cosmetics and medicine came from, right? You can read about nutrition and effects of any herb or spices available, it is enough just to open google. I love plants, they are amazing!

Water and Food

First of all I really don’t think that we need so many, we live in the world scared of everything. And bacteria scare so many people. But guys, bacteria are everywhere, we live thanks to bacteria. So chill out, not all of them are super creepy dangerous. But our health just correspond to our way of life. If you want to be pretty and have healthy skin and hair, maybe it would be worthy to start to think about your diet. Instead of putting plenty of chemicals at your skin and in to your food, choose something what have great effects for your body too. Just adding more cinnamon and some seeds into your diet can have amazing effects on quality of your skin and hair.

Like.. I don’t know, it is your body, aren’t you interested?

And plenty of others

There are plenty of ingredients which you can use in your cosmetics. Do you need some natural healthy starch? Use Arrowroot. Do you want to dye your hair? Use Henna, and you can create your own color by mixing herbs and other ingredients.

If you would like to make your own DiY cosmetics I recommend to visit webpage Welness Mama and learn from there.

Do what feels right for you. And stay healthy


Namaste my friends.



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