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This time I choose to talk about something quite different but in my opinion serious, as the most of the population consider it as completely safe. Cosmetics, in all variations and kinds which we use daily. Nowadays, it is so common to have a bathroom full of various small bottles and boxes full of nutrition ingredients which are nourishing our skin and hair, right? From soaps, shampoos, conditioners, shower gels, body lotions, creams and decorative cosmetic which is not used just by female gender. But, what do we actually put on ourselves daily?

I hope, that you my readers will have minds open enough to take what I want to share. I wanted to write a simple article about alternative ways of using a cosmetics. But than I thought like, hey, you can’t just write thousand words about this topic without any references and sources, because it will be meaningless. So I did my research and read plenty of articles and watched videos about nowadays cosmetics. It just assure me more about importance of the topic. As I learned more about dangerous chemicals we use mostly without knowledge of it. So, it turned up to be much longer topic.

Do we use so many?

Almost each article shared an information that average human uses around 9-15 various cosmetic products daily. I was like.. nooo way, that can not be correct. But than I remembered on my old times when I was big fan of any shiny-smelly product which I could buy, counted them and realized that I used even more. You could dispute that as modern humans we are wise enough to keep our hygiene on high level and this is the way. But, really? Are we so wise? I  put few links through article about references, which talks about this topic from scientific level so you can make your own decisions. Here I want to talk about something bit different. I want to look at the topic from global perspective.

You should consider the fact that cosmetic is not something new, what was discovered lately. The sources what are talking about its use are old thousand of years. Just life wasn’t so technological and chemical, so wise advanced civilizations went a bit different way in cosmetics making. They used natural sources found around them and learned about its benefits for various use. It worked for them, why can’t we just continue?

Here is an article about ancient ingredience in cosmetic: Ancient-history-cosmetics

How does cosmetic work?

I remember when I was in my young teenage time and was fighting with skin issues and acne. I tried various kinds of magical face cleaners, super efficient creams and formulas which should help me to win over this <terrible disease>. Nothing really worked, or better said, everything worked for a while and then it stopped functioning. I was thinking that time, that if I was owner of big company manufacturing this kinds of products, it would be stupid to make something what really works, right? Then I would lose customers, because everyone is cured. Even, when I was 15 I got a hint on this problem, but it didn’t stop me to support their production by my money.

I was high user of cosmetic for couple of years. When I’m thinking about it with time off, I have to laugh, but I know – we are raised in this way. Clean means antibacterial and pretty (more often) means fake. Or, am I wrong? There have been studies which proved high danger of using antibacterial products. There have been studies which proved that anti-aging products don’t work and are even harmful to you. Humanity still uses it but this is a bit different story. The story of money.

Generally, the most of ingredients found in cosmetics are causing problems like allergies, hormones troubles, cancers, skin issues, fertility and the list doesn’t end here. Most of the ingredients used in soaps and shampoos causing skin drying, eczema, skin irritation and so on. It is because of component which should help us to wash a fat from our skin and hair. But why do we actually have to do it so drastically?

Nourishing ingredients

Do you know from what is your favorite cosmetics made of? I doubt you don’t because we simply don’t think about it. We believe that those guys in white coats who created awesome smelly formulas know what they are doing, and want the best for population. But give it a try and read ingredient description on any of your cosmetics product, you will find just bunch of odd names of chemicals which you have no idea what they are for. I found plenty of lists of chemicals which are found in cosmetics products also with description and effects on our body and mind. Just use google. But the most important thing in use of cosmetic is that anything what you put on your skin or hair goes straight into your body, same as you would eat it. 

Just think about it, would you let me to put some Titanium dioxide or Sodium Laurel Sulfate on your sandwich? Or maybe just some Coumarin (toxic to the liver and kidneys) to sprinkle your sup? You wouldn’t, you would consider that I want to poison you, but you have no troubles to let those chemicals run through your blood circulation after putting it on yourself. And you even feel so damn clean. That’s weird, right? Take just one product which you daily use and check for ingredients and their effects. And believe me, it is so many that if you want to check them all you should prepare some hours of work.

<But in so small amount they are not toxic for us>

I’m hearing you saying. That is completely correct, that each product contains amount of chemicals which is not harmful for us (at least most known) But I just have to remind you.. how many of various products do you use daily? So just thinking about it, if each cosmetic product contains some not really friendly substances, if you use it daily in various kind of combinations, for couple of years in combination with some medicine or junky food since time to time..  do you still think that it is not harmful for you? Just think about it with clear mind.

Here are two lists of most common ingredients in cosmetic, and there are plenty of them what you can find.

Daily mum

Organic Health and Beauty

Maybe rumor (but worth to mention)

Back in Slovakia, I had couple of friends working for McDonald’s. As I couldn’t find any information about this topic at internet, maybe it is not true (or I didn’t dig deep enough ). But I had first person evidence about it, as my friends told me and I have no reason not to believe them. I’ve been told that used oil from kitchen goes straight into cosmetic manufactures where they use it for making soaps and shampoos for very famous and popular brands. It is no secret that soaps are made of fat, but I somehow don’t like the idea, that it is THIS kind of fat.

Other creepy story what has nothing to do with this topic but I have to mention is that, the waste (understand unsold burgers) goes to farms where they feed pigs by it. So pigs eat pigs, just think about it.

Well, at least they are recycling. Well.


Effects on environment?

I’m thinking if I should start with this topic. Mention all those animals, chemically crippled in purpose of finding the right amount and combination of dangerous chemicals which will not cripple population.

And all that waste from manufactures. For something what is actually completely wrong for population. Like, guys.. Stop for a while and think. What are we actually doing?


But what can I do? I want to be clean and pretty!

Maan, today we have internet what is absolutely the best source of information (If used wisely ). And people are interested in everything so if you truly want you will find other ways for doing whatever.

And the most important thing, let go of the idea that you can not change anything by yourself. Because you can change everything, but the only way how it is possible to be done is by being that change. 


CLICK HERE and learn more about alternative ways of cosmetic

And believe me, you can be much cleaner that you ever have been. And also prettier  ;)

You don’t have to make conclusions straight away. Just think about it since time to time.

Just last idea for the end

Uff, that has been a lot of information Thank that you are still here. But I would like to plant one more seed here. You know that all plastic what we ever created, is still here and making troubles for planet.

Have you ever though about all those plastic boxes, bottles, toothbrushes… what we daily throw away?

Where do those go?

Namaste dear friends.




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