Hello guys. In article Alone in Egypt vol I , I told you my story of two weeks how I survived in Egypt. My deepest recommendation, especially for (European) girls is not travel to Egypt alone. But as I know myself, I usually don’t take warnings to skip some travels seriously. So if you are same spirit, at least store those tips somewhere deep to your consequence, even if they sound too cruel sometimes. Unfortunately I’m sure that Egypt isn’t the only place where you should apply them. So lets get started.

1. Don’t go alone

I have to mention it again. Don’t go alone. This is not just about a safety, it is about your own enjoyment of your travelling. You won’t be able to ago anywhere alone. First of all, you don’t know the place, you don’t know people, you don’t know rules which you should follow and just simply by being, you are attracting huge attention. You will find yourself in completely new environment, which is nothing as you are used to. Take a friend, cousin, grandma, whoever.

<I live in Egypt for 14 years and I speak Arabic, but I wouldn’t take taxi alone.> Animator girl, originally from Ukraine told me with funny look at her face.

I remember sitting completely devastated of all experiences from last days, promising myself that I would find the biggest man in the world and take him here with me next time. Of course I didn’t really mean it, but in that moment it was like warm light of revenge.

But I will explain you very shortly why it is so inappropriate to travel alone. They will never ever understand, that you are not interested into having an intimate relationship with any men there. Because you are woman and he is man who has money and in their minds, there is nothing else what is important.

Sunrise in desert

2. Don’t be kind and don’t smile

This one was extremely hard for me. I’m always kind, I’m always smiling at people. You never know the amount of misfortune which can be carried by person with who you are talking. We all have our scars deep in souls, so I choose to be nice.

But this my characteristic doesn’t fit to Egypt at all. Everyone will talk to you, everyone will try to catch your attention and when you are kind and maybe even smile at them, you’re sending a signal that you are interested. And they will make an action, if you are lucky all what you have to do will be just refuse few repeated invitations, in worse case.. (run?!), lets put it this way, you will have to be rude.

<Egyptian men can’t talk to Egyptian women with who they are not married. They can’t touch them, or hug them. Friendship simply doesn’t exist. And this you have to keep in your mind, that you are like Egyptian woman.> Ahme, my friend (mentioned in Alone in Egypt) once told me. And I tried my best to put it into practice.

Other reason why you shouldn’t smile is that you will be considered as stupid. Apparently just stupid people smile for ‘no reason’.

All for tourists

3. ‘Ana med gaoeza’

If you are single, make sure that you will be the only one who knows it. The best decision is even take a fake ring and wear it. English is not really popular so it can be worthy to check some Egyptian vocabulary before you travel. I don’t know the exact spelling for this sentence but I wrote it down in the way as I’ve been told. It means ‘I’m married.’ and I think that it is worthy to remember.

Egyptian men don’t understand what does it mean to be single and be happy about it. As in Egypt, woman can’t do anything by herself, she should just get married and after that be dependent on her husband. And those information are not my speculations, I’ve been talking about this with people down-there. But on the other hand, I’ve been told that they take marriage really seriously.

<If Egyptian man touches woman before they get married, he can be even killed. But when they see tourists, they consider it to be free and easy to get into bed. They are changing into animals.> Something what really shocked me.

No one ever trusted me that I’m married as I look so young. But at least after few days I created plenty of stories about my ‘boyfriend’ and made it the most important topic with anyone, who was ‘too friendly’ with me. Then I could sooner recognize if someone is really just a nice soul.

Egyptian strong tea

4. Don’t trust anyone

Maybe it is time to mention that all of those tips I got from Egyptian people. People – not one person. Egyptians don’t like Egyptian nature in general. They know very well their crippled personalities and some of those who really care for your safety will definitely warn you. I’ve heard this sentence so many times but in true, on the beginning I thought that they are just overreacting. It took me couple of days and few unpleasant situation to understand the importance of this message.

You have to trust yourself, your feelings and guts. And it really doesn’t matter in what position is your new friend, if it feels weird from some reason, observe more and be attentive. Even manager can be a pig(if you understand), trust me – own experiences.

I’m not telling, that there is no one honest person. I’m here, and I made some nice friendships over there and I still believe in goodness in people. But in countries like Egypt, you have to be extra careful.

<Don’t trust anyone. Believe me, there are plenty of people here who will behave perfectly nice and  build your trust in them. And then, when you don’t expect, they will show their real face. I’m not going to persuade you that I’m different, because you won’t trust me now. You will see by yourself who I am.> One of my Egyptian friends told me one day.

Be open, enjoy you travel, make friendship – but keep this in mind and stay safe.

Get ready for diving

5. Don’t be scared

As this article may sounds really creepy and rouses unwelcome expectation of fear, it is not the purpose. You can still enjoy your time in Egypt but it is truly worthy to keep my recommendation in mind. If you are traveling alone, the best what you can do is to find a trustful Egyptian person. There are people who care for tourist, as tourism is the only thing what they have in the most of regions.

I can offer contacts on few people from Sharm El Sheik who are truly nice and deserve your reliance. It will open much more possibilities when you have Egyptian friend in Egypt. As he knows system, nice places and ways to get anywhere. Also, prices for tourists are quite different as those for locals, so Egyptian friend will help you safe some money during your trip. I should mention that I didn’t know about those people before.

<When Egyptians see Europeans here, they straight think that they are rich as Angelina Jolie or David Beckham. They think that you will safe them from their miserable lives because you are machine for money. They don’t understand, that you are just normal person as they are, working hard in your country to be able to go somewhere and enjoy yourself.> Another explanation of situation by Egyptian friend.

Just jump in

Something important on the end

I recommend you to read also article Alone in Egypt vol I  to get better highlight on situation. I explain better what you can expect. If you have other experience from travels in Egypt, please share it with me in comments below. During my stay there, one attack happend and it is consider as very dangerous to travel to Egypt from Slovakia currently.

Don’t forget that world is beautiful place full of amazing souls and happiness, but on the other hand it is full of hate and jaundice still. I believe that this is just a process of improving and there are still plenty of lessons which have to be learned by humanity. I tried my best to share love and kindness with people in Egypt even if it was so hard and many times I got into troubles because of that. I’m very happy that I experienced this trip alone, because I’ve learnt plenty of lessons but I know that I wouldn’t repeat it again.

Namaste dear friends. Stay safe on your travels. And shine!

Star on the beach


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