Hi guys During February I’ve been working at serie of articles with kind of similar topic. When I look at it after a while I would call it February Challenge, so you can also find easily articles about which I’m talking here. Those my articles are meant to be helpful to find a courage to change what you don´t really like and so find a time for your dreams. I mentioned many times, that the best is to start with something small. I know that it can sound bit confusing, so here is my example.


What I mean to start from small..

Ook, so you´re willing to try it, to do – since time to time –  whatever this quite voice is asking for. But where to start? Probably on the beginning it may seems that you have to change a lot but don´t worry – the first step is already taken – you´re willing to change something.

Since I was young, I was interested in meditation. I hadn’t read about effects or ways how to meditate, I just liked the idea of „a mind free from thoughts“ for a while. I struggled to start for long time, when I`m thinking about it, the reason was probably fear that I won`t do it right. Fear of a failure to fulfill expectations.


Lower your expectations


The true is that if you don´t start you will never know if it works for you. When I started I had no expectations neither connection with any religion. I took it as fun, as additional 10 minutes in morning for my brain to wake up.

But it brought to my mind balance, and this state of „silence“ showed me the direction where to continue next. Now I understand more clearly, what big „guru masters“, or however you called those who sit in quite without moving for hours with powerful smile on their faces, are experiencing. Well, not exactly but we understand each other Thanks to meditation I started with exploring new part of life, I can say spiritual or holistic, I started to explore the beauty of this world and anger, hate or depressions left my mind.

It is important to mention, that in this article I’m not trying to persuade you how advantageous it is for you to start meditate. We all do different things, we need to try different experience, what suits for me, doesn’t have to suit for you.

Create new ritual, or habit

I created this small „ritual“ on the beginning, with 10 minutes meditation each morning. And as I opened myself to this direction, more and more answers came. They came in various ways, to learn me more about what I´m interested in. I find my „guru´s“ on the way, in my friends, books, family or gifts which I got. This is funny thing about this Universe – as you open yourself to something, than something will open itself to you.

Maybe you want to start to run, read more books, learn new language, be kind to people around you, visit your parents more often. Something what You can change – now. I´m not going to tell you, that you should start with meditation, because this was my step which I wanted to take. It is just simple example of how 10 minutes in the morning can change the direction of your life.

What was your the most favorite game what you loved to play when you were small kid? (and for those born in technology time – I don´t mean  video game, but normal – playing with toys ) As kids we felt free in our minds. Kids have to try things, they don´t trust others when they tell them something is wrong or dangerous. They have no expectation, they just simply do things. All people are born with basic needs, as breathing, eating, company and I would say – playing. As kids we don´t think about stuff which are in outer world. Just our is important and we are changing during our games to chefs, doctors, mechanics and so on. It is just game and it is a big fun.

I decided that whole my life is game, because when you take out money as the only rudder of your decision, you will discover that deciding based on your wants is not so difficult as it may seems on the beginning. Is it full of hard work, but when you have a motive, you are supported by it.

Do you want to move forward? Then, make a first step.

What I´m trying to say here, is that the time when you should do what you always wanted to do, to be a person as you wished to be when you were a kid or the one you decided to be during time when you hated your parents as teenage (you know what I mean I love you mom, dad), is now.

Look, you don´t have to change your life in a second and push yourself to position that now you change everything. Because it is impossible. Important is to start with small steps and trust in yourself. Just think for a while and consider what you always wanted to do, what you can change now.

Do you consider that each person who achieved his dream had been sure about what he should do from his first beginning? Do you feel really unsecured about your life purpose as you don´t dream about anything big? What it is actually this Dream? Does everyone have a Dream?

Let´s say, you have to answer this question. Each one has to for himself. Because dream of each one person is completely different and special. On the beginning you have just starting point with few showing marks, and it is just on you, if you have a courage to follow.

It is all about direction where you stare

Todays when someone is talking about inner peace, harmony, and infinite love in life, he is consider as guru or some spiritual guide. And science is still considered as opposite side of religion or spirituality or call it whatever you want to. But we are all human beings and we are part of this planet. And so spirituality and science are also parts of one coin. Just by observing the environment, we can observe that what you will put into the ground, that will grow from it. So why do you consider that with your life and mind it works different?

In true, I know that this world is full of hate and violence. Full of anger and fights, judgment and cheating. We´ve been told, showed, we´ve experienced it by our-self, in own skin. But this world is also full of love, happiness, healthiness, spirituality, magic moments, luckiness, security. And when you decide for yourself, that this is what you are looking for, in your each moment, it will become for you. Sometimes you have to dig even deeper, to find it behind all pain or sadness which it will bring. But it is just on you, what you will see. What you will experience, and what become a true for you.

Maan, please, play with your life for a while


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