If nothing else, I just want you to remember the one thing in your life. Trust in yourself, because when you trust in yourself, than everything is possible for you. Everything what you desires, become achievable. I will do my best to explain you why


You know guys, I studied economy. Like I said before, I have never liked it so I supposed that after school I will forget everything and wont´t follow my profession, like never. The feeling has stayed until now, but I accepted that it is a part of me and if nothing else, I will always use also logic for making decisions in my life.

So logically

All of us have learnt everything what we know and do, by repeating. It is the only possible way how to do it. When you want to learn how to dance a salsa, you have to know on the beginning that salsa exists, so someone had to show you, and it doesn`t matter if you have seen it in television, read about it in magazine or someone performances it for you, an outcome is the same in each situation. Then you have to repeat what someone showed you, and then practice – in other words – repeat-> repeat -> repeat.

When we study, we repeat someone´s else words on the beginning, repeat what someone showed us, wrote for us, told us. Then we repeat what we have learnt, our minds are „programmed“ that our bodies repeat what we have in mind. Everything around us is about repeating. Even life itself is. We all do, we repeat system at some point.

Who does repeat?

But what we forgot to learn about repeating, is that even if we repeat, we are in this point alone. It is just at us, in our hands, how it will go since then. We need a practice to improve, we can improve just through challenges. And challenges, hand on heart, naturally scare people. Fear of doing extra steps with possibility to fail is the number one of reasons what stop people to do what they want to. Sad true is that many of people don´t even try to practice because it requires time and trust. Support from inside – from your brain and mind.

So I think, that it make kind of sense, that if I will put to my mind, that I will became an awesome dancer of salsa, I will learn steps by repeating others and dance by myself. I will let the fear of failing go away, and instead I will have in my brain powerful feeling of the trust that I can do it. Logically my body will repeat my mind – and even if I will fail sometimes, it will go much more softly, with fun, with trust, faster and more joyfully. Because when you trust in yourself, you are more brave to try even more at once, because there is no fear which is taking place.

And why is trusting in yourself so important?

Because I promise you, that you can do anything if you are willing to „pay“ whatever it costs and if you trust in yourself. Trust is very basis of any human action. But don´t take me wrong, I´m not trying to tell you that if you will repeat for yourself one hundred times that you will became a great salsa dancer and then spent your entire life sitting on the couch in front of television, that it will magically happen. You have to stand up and find a teacher and than /guess what/ dance.

The difference between the one who trust in himself and the another who doesn´t is, that the first one will stand up and became who he wants to be, while the another will stay in his comfy couch with dream in his head for the rest of his life.

We all will became who we are made to be if we have a courage to trust in ourselves.

Because, It won´t be easy..

I will not lie to you, living “a dream life” is not pinky cloudy castle in the sky free from pain and suffer. Following your dreams requires a lot of work and time when you will fail, many times. You will have to sacrifice a lot, but good news is, that you have to let go just what you don´t truly need. People are addicted to many things what they don´t truly need just by good marketing (trust me, I studied it, marketing is mostly a big lie made to fuck up consumer´s mind to persuade him to buy a product, which is usually totally unworthy for him). But I talk more about, that if you will follow your inner dream you need to make a place in your life for it. Clean up everything what does not fit there anymore.

Everything starts with your decision

Let´s just imagine, that I´m made to be person who can open eyes and minds of people to see a beauty of the life. To be able to do it, I have to find it within me, read books about inner growing, take life as it is, and what is the most important – let enough time for discovering myself. I have to find a courage in me, to spread it. But I was studying economy, I was living life in very very logical way before. If I continued with it, if I didn´t say enough to my old myself and didn`t take big steps in my life which leaded to place where I´m now I wouldn´t be able to do it. As, through life which I had, I just found out how to make money, and how to control it.

So if I just find a job in some big company I would never ever trust myself to have this blog and to write about what I want to write. If I continue with economy, I would be probably now married, have a kid maybe and I would never know what means to be in inner harmony with myself. I would hardly know that it exist, so I wouldn´t be able to spread it to world as when I write about something, I have to feel it. I can write about happiness just when I found it, when I  know that it exist.

(If you are interested more in my story you can read it here )

Action comes with trust

When you trust in yourself, in your life decisions and steps, you can handle anything even if people around you think that you lost your mind. My grandparents ask me each time when they speak to me, if am I still alone or when I will come finally home. Without understanding that I’m seeking for something else. Without trusting in myself, without trusting in my decisions I would get stressed by each new challenge which cross my life. I don´t have answers for how I want to spend whole my life, I don´t have answers for each question which I get about my life, but I don´t care.

I believe that I know everything what I need to know for this current moment. As I discovered the “power” which I have in myself, and which each one of us have, I just smile and tell some super great story about how world is amazing and how Universe (or God, or whatever you call this power) will send you each time everything what you need if you are not scared to take it. ~Guess what I mean by “power” – life itself! You are alive, and this is the biggest power in this world.

So if you also need some inspirational story I will tell you how I transformed from dishwasher – working for the first time in my life in restaurant, to Chef in 4 months. I have mentioned many times (and I will repeat myself again and again), I take my life as a dream, and I decided to dream a beautiful one. So when I started to work in restaurant I took it as an amazing experience which I can use also in later need of money during my travels (good resume guys )

Find a courage in you

With each day I had more tasks to do and I was enjoying this learning how to work in kitchen of big restaurant. I understood, that my dishwasher salary won´t earn me enough money for the van but I really love to work in restaurant. I didn´t want to change this job just because of money. Day by day I have learnt more, so when Head-chef asked me if I want to learn how to cook Thai food (just for fun in extra time), I said yes without doubting. After month of playing sometimes with woks the opportunity came – one Chef quieted and I asked without hesitating if I can take his place.

-We need also dishwasher, so during your training you have to work for two persons, you will be exhausted, do you think that you can handle it?

-If you won´t be good, you will go back to dish-washing, are you ready for it?

-You are woman, you are not as strong as men, do you understand that this job is difficult?

-Hard days are coming, Saturdays are stressful, do you think that you can manage it?


..Head-chef asked me during small interview before he gave me a chance.

Yes, was my answer for his questions. I´m aware of challenge which I decided to take but I trust in myself enough to do it. If I will fail I will accept it, but with the feeling, that I have done everything what I could to take what I thought belongs to me.

Everything starts in your head, with your decision that you can do it. And trust me you can do anything, and if there is something what you can´t manage by yourself, Universe will manage for you.

Small manifestation of my last words

On one Saturday I came back from work,  totally exhausted. I arrived finally to my apartment at 2AM in the morning when I realized that I forgot the key of my apartment in restaurant which was closed by that time. (I have to mention – for the first time in my life). During next 15 minutes I went from –„Ok, I can handle it“ – , through – calling my neighbors and knocking on their doors  – no one responded, my small building was empty.

Than I tried to get into apartment by using pin and needle (No, I didn´t have a clue how to do it, but I remembered that we played with my cousin as kids that we were secret agents, so I wanted to try – no it didn´t work). I didn´t know what to do, for about 5 seconds the panic took over my body but then I realized that it won´t help me and I started to think clearly. Of course I have friends in Oslo, but there was no one who I wanted to wake up at this time with my urgent need, so I just sit, light up my cigarette and lets say it pray (?).

When you are lost, there is a room for whatever

I asked God or Universe or whatever this power is called to help me. But you have to understand, I wasn´t terrified. I was just sitting there, smoking with an idea in my head: “I don´t know why I´m in this situation and I really don´t know what to do, please.. I need a help.”

In few seconds doors downstairs opened and I heard someone walking by stairs. Traveler, after three days of travelling from Malta to Oslo just arrived to my building with key of an apartment above mine (as he doesn´t live here, just passing with one-night-stand in friend´s place), who offered me to sleep over there. I just laughed and thanked to each power who brought him there. And the biggest surprise was his ability to speak Slovak! There are not so many French travellers able to speak fluently Slovak in this world! This one came to light up my day.

There are miracles happening in this world each day, just sometimes we have to sit in the darkness for a while to be able to appreciate them.

Trust in yourself, than you are able to survive each situation which you are pushed through.

As you always did, right?


Thanks for photos Pinko.

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