In article Step one: Trust in yourself I did my best to show you, why it is so important to trust in yourself. What kind of advantages you can get from it, and how your life can change, when you trust in your own steps and decisions. I´ve heard many times, that people consider myself as “happy person”. How they suppose, that my life is just so awesome, that I´m never sad or unsatisfied. Everyone wishes to be always happy. But just few understand, that happiness is just one of your decisions.

Do you wish to be always happy?

During one beautiful sunny day in summer 2016 I was lying in my bed, alone in the dark room. I felt discomfort for couples of days and on that gloomy Friday it just blow up all. I couldn´t stop crying, and what unsecured me the most, was that I couldn´t even recognize, what made me feel that way.  So I was just crying, and trying to find the position in which my body won´t feel as there is no place for me within world. My dark room represented myself that day in the most perfect way as I knew that there is love and happiness everywhere around me, just as sunshine remembered itself through holes in the sling.

When my friend came to check me, I told to her with trembling voice and tears running from my eyes but with real peace in mind something like..

Even if I feel as shit now and don´t know what is going on, I´m honestly extremely happy that I´m able to feel such a sadness, that I´m able to cry and the power of this small collapse of myself is just pure manifestation of the power of emotions. That they are real and we can´t skip them in our life because we are humans.

-You are beautiful person Vicky.

She said and I remember her words perfectly as her answer surprised me so much. I meant each word which I told her and from what she said I knew that I´ve been understood.


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You can´t recognize happiness if you haven´t experience sadness. You can´t appreciate company if you haven´t been alone and you can´t find inner peace without fighting battles in your mind.

I realized that night the reason why I felt so hurt. But to find it, to stop crying and to be reborn again I had to go through the darkest places in my mind. I´ve lost job during that week, I had to move again as my contract was ending and I found out about my boss´s unspoken decision to not pay me all money which I deserved, but I knew that this is not it. Because I was happy about conclusion of situation. I was moving to much better place and I found much better work after all. My sadness was fed by other source and I found it, when I decided that I´m ready to look into that room, thoroughly locked and unmarked in my heart.

Your body will always tell you if you are at right track. Just listen to it.

I consider myself as happy, balanced and satisfied person. I work on myself constantly to be real, to not be withdrawn by negativity of people around, but it doesn´t mean that sadness doesn´t come for visit since time to time. And when it comes, I welcome it with pen and paper in my hand and box of tissues on the table. Because it is just visitor as ´everyone´ else. And if you give to it everything what it needs, it will leave you. When you learn everything, what sadness brought, it will see itself off.

“Learn from sadness”.. does it sound, that I lost my mind?

What can you learn from sadness? And how to do it? How to learn from the point where you feel so empty? You have to realize on the beginning, that sadness is not bad, it is not our enemy. Same with other emotions, which we consider as bad ones. Any kind of emotion what you feel, brings a message. Usually, that you should change something, what makes you feel that way. If something bothers you, makes you angry, makes you cry.. Change it maan. Try to find a solution for your situation. And work on it. You can do whatever, and what you consider now as a risky challenge, can be (maybe) your best life decision.

But, when you are willing to learn from your life situations and emotions which flow in your body, you should start with acceptance of what you do feel. It means that you have to put down your mask – stay just true yourself and ask yourself what is bothering you and where it came from. Because very often we experience repeating of situation for couple of times in our life, until we realize the reason why it is so often back. (But that is another story for another time.)

Where it came from?

It is an interesting fact, that many times we blocked a lot of emotions, because we didn´t let our-self to accept that we feel that way, in hope that they are gone. But they are not, they stay somewhere in you and each time they remind itself in new situation.

Accept what you feel, don´t hide, don´t try to put it out of mind, when it is still coming back. Don´t try to avoid tears or laugh. Accept, feel – each your state of your mind. It is just yours, for you and believe me, that it came just to make you stronger, wiser, to teach you a lesson. And then, begin with finding solution. And believe me, it is there. Each situation has solution – always. And when you can´t find it, you have to create it.

We are human beings, with emotions, hard life situations, trues and beliefs.

I believe that humanity is still in development and always will be so this what we suppose now, for the most proper way how to live our life and what are the biggest trues, can be re-change again. (As, people before Galileo was quite sure that we are the middle of Universe.) Now we look at a history with questions in our head, how they could fight for something what was so obviously wrong. How they could think that they know how the world is working, but ehm… I suppose that your daily decisions are based on your trust that how you live now, is the wisest way. Everyone is acting on the base of inner beliefs, and trues.

And as we should learn from history, and we are all part of it, we are in development through whole our life. And we can change our beliefs and our-self, as humanity can. So don´t wait for “war”, as usually this is human´s answer in world-wide as “last” solution to each problem, be the change what you want to see in the world. * (I love this quotation! ) Because believe me that you can. The key is to accept who you are and take responsibility for your life.

Happiness is just your decision.

Maybe you don´t believe me, but it doesn´t mean that I´m wrong. Try to look at it in this way. Try it maybe just for today – decide for each situation which will cross your life today, how you want to understand it, what you want to take from it and how do you want to feel about it. And let me know, how it works .





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