Welcome here  If I have done a good job in the previous article (Does everyone has a dream?), you have noticed this quite voice in your head, which usually shows up after people realize that they are getting older by each passed year and their life is not as they wished to be.


So, have you been thinking, where is this “big guy inside of you” hidden?

I´ve learnt that living life based on following dreams and desires, it is not like one straight road with simple marks and big highlights showing  direction where to go next. But it is like standing in the middle of Tokyo, Paris, London or another big city without knowledge about its streets. You know that city is beautiful, and there is a lot to see everywhere, but you don´t know where to start and where to go.

Imagine that I tell you that we meet up at Victoria Station and you just find yourself standing  somewhere in the middle of London for the first time, without knowing where to go and where you are. You can´t just follow the first person advice in a hope that the direction which he showed you was 100% right. But if I  give you map with starting point, you have a chance to get where you need to go. And with map in your hand you have much more chance to get better advice for direction from passengers. We all have this map within us, and finding our inner dreams without listening our-self, is like crying for direction without following the advice, with folded map in a pocket.

Important is to start

The most simple way how to make a first step to discovering your biggest dream is to start to do something what you always wish to do. I mean, start with small steps, really small You  have already everything what you need on the beginning.

Use your map ;) imagine your life like big city, and your own desires and dreams as the map. /I call this map a soul, but everyone has different name for it )

Let´s do a small test. I will ask you one question, answer it for yourself. But don´t focus on words, just on feeling, on emotion. Now, take a deep breathe, take a few seconds for concentrating before, what is a connection between Chinese food and Dao De Jing? (hope that you didn´t manage get ready )

Whhaat? Confused? Don´t know what I´m talking about? Possibly you even don´t know what Dao De Jing is? Neither me few weeks ago but through making small steps now I can explain pretty clearly, as I took few weeks ago a course about Taoism (Dao De Jing) and Western culture. But in true, it is absolutely not important now. Importance of this test was just manifest you, that to be able to answer a question it is necessary to have knowledge or experience. You have to put some effort and start your knowledge somewhere.

I’m quite sure that same kind of feelings, What passed your head, through this weird and out off-topic question, will appear if I ask you “What is your dream?” But why?

Maan, you probably don´t know that it even exist

What? –Are you asking? How can you don´t know that the thing what you want the most does exist? I will ask you very obvious question: What did you know about your current job when you´ve been around 5 years old? I suppose, that to get the position which you have now (or educational institution) you needed to start somewhere with your knowledge, so you had to learn how to speak on the beginning, than write and read in elementary school and than during high-school (or before) choose a particular course of study. And hand on heart, most of us ended in completely different jobs as we supposed during study. Anyway, probably as 5 years old, you didn´t know that your current position does exist.

Most people work just in purpose of money, so logically if you focused on something just because of money, for your entire life, there is no time for realizing your inner desires. Usually we consider them ridiculous, childish, impossible… or whatever. But in true, they are just showing direction, it is like those highlighted places, marked in a touristic guide, which you shouldn´t pass And guess what They are choosen just for you, by the best expert for your happiness – you, my dear friend

Small exercise

Relax for couple of minutes and get your mind out of everyday´s thoughts. Try to clear your mind and find this quit place within you, the middle. And when you have it, ask yourself what do you want, and try to listen your body – your emotions.  You can close your eyes, or write them down, you can listen music or have it off, I don´t know what is the best relaxing environment for you Be crazy, be childish, don´t think about you as your current position, but as clear human being, with life in your body and time in your mind. And then, choose something and start. Right now, not tomorrow. And trust me, there is always a way when you want something.

We live in modern era where the most percent of population have possibility to connect by internet, books or other media with almost all knowledge of the world. There are video channels on youtube showing us that everything is possible and how to do it by ourselves. So yes, we have everything what we need to have on the begging, so don´t complain about lack of options.

If you don´t know where to start, I can recommend you to read article about what I mean to start with small steps

 Discovering dream

Just small note on the end, yes of course, if you want to discover your dream, you have to spend more time on its discovering. It requires extra time, extra focus and lot of work. But it is bringing to your life hope, love, happiness, power, experience, fearless.. what nothing else can.

Step one what you should take as priority is learn to trust in yourself. I can explain you why it is so important here




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