Today it is so modern to talk about, that you should live your Dream. There are thousand and more articles and instruction how to follow your desires and achieve That what you really want to. Each of us had heard some inspirational story about „never giving up“ of today’s famous people as Steve Jobs or Gandhi and their journeys to conquer the world. Also this webpage is screaming at you from each corner – Hey maan! Do what you want to do! Achieve your dream life!


But what if you actually don´t know what it is what you want the most?

You live a satisfying life. Probably you have a kind of enough money, enough of fun, of course you know that there is more, that you haven´t found your perfect purpose, but it doesn´t matter until you have a job, or place to stay. You have now too much duties with surviving each day, so there is no time to find out your inner dream. Maybe you even consider that you don´t have it, as it haven´t showed up until now. You feel it deep that there is something missing, but probably it will come with time, so you are waiting.


But for what are you waiting?

I´ve been to there, I was waiting till I finish university, quite sure about, that with my graduating I will free myself from this waiting room for the pure experience of life. And you can say, „yes.. so you finished and it came“,  ehmm ..yes, but! I realized during last year of the study, that it won´t come with diploma. Because if I finished school and continue with life which I was leading, I would just continue with my struggling in waiting room for whole my life.

All my live I wanted to travel, I wanted to feel free to do whatever I want, I seeked for more. I knew that my life can´t be fulfill by this sadness and anger what I had carried. I knew that there is more within me what I want to show and the sad true is that I even considered that the mask what I was wearing, is the real me and I was sick of that person. Who wouldn´t be? I wasn´t satisfy with my lifestyle, I missed some purpose which I could fulfill but I was too scared to admit it – to take over responsibility for my situation.

Your emotions lead your life situation

So, I was fighting almost each day with someone (usually partner), crying almost each day (but I will mention soon how Control-birth pills influence on woman´s mind), I didn´t like myself, my body and my ideas. I felt that I can´t handle life like this anymore, but I kind of decided, that there is no other option for me.  It took me many years until I realized the freedom of choice. Now I´m proud of myself that I have never gave up. Even in those times I dreamed, I tried to do everything what I could to like myself better. And even in those times, I was never afraid of challenges. Like yees, I was scared as hell, but I accepted, and did my best. Because.. I have good news for you, your life will constantly test you if you are ready to change something what you want to change.


So, where are you?

Maybe you are also studying and waiting that after school, when you jump into real life with stable job, you will have more money to do more, to live more. Now you have to focus on doing right steps, concentrate on studying and personal life, not your hobbies and desires. It is logical, right? First work, than fun. You need to wait a bit, I understand. (No! I don´t. Keep reading.)

Or maybe you already finished your school, and as I have open eyes and ears in my daily life…

(Since you can tell that I´m too young to validate older people´s life I can tell you that I don´t feel very comfy in „small talks“ with people. I like to talk, I want to get know my friends and people who I meet, I believe that each person is absolutely special. I love to get know them )

Let´s suppose that you have a job and also relationship in your life, so now you are just waiting to have own place and get married. Supposedly then you will have everything and it will fulfill this empty hole in your head which is actually „filled“ with stress about your still not stable financial situation, anger from your daily confrontation, fear where this world is going and pain from people who hurt you. But it is part of growing, so when you stable yourself, you will find this happiness, it will come with time. I understand, you´re waiting, to have perfect condition to became a person who you want to be. (No, I don´t. Do you begin to understand?)

Or maybe

Or you are maybe married finally. You have a bunch of kids and new patches came in form of bigger fear about financial situation, since your boss is the biggest asshole in the world and didn´t realizing that your kids are growing and you need to take care of them, nerves from your daily confrontation with your partner and anger, which is actually from realizing that this is not the life, which you dreamed about. That you always wanted let´s say .. to have fun, go on parties, travel, work on your body, dance, hike, sail, do photography, play guitar, cook, be creative in some way, whatever..

So.. wait..

…you actually have dreams, which are just yours and have been there since beginning. There is someone inside of you who wants to get a word in this lifetime and it doesn´t matter how old you are. I don´t know what this small guy inside of you want to do. Maybe he loves to play football, or sing. Maybe he loves reading and is interested in stars. But I´m sure that he has many hobbies and desires. I´m sure that he always dreamed about how nice person he will be, that he will help others, smiles at people and experience wildest of this planet. That he won´t fight for stupid staff, will go crazy sometimes and simply will have a fun.


But in real life we have to..

Yes you say so, „of course I have those, but real life is different, this is just unrealistic dream of small kid who I used to be.“ In „real life“ we are comforted with daily situation…

We have to take care, we are surrounded by stupid people so we have to be angry.

We have to need always more money and everyone just wants them from us so

we have to be scared. We can´t stand people who are telling us how we should behave, or in television they said that Muslims are very dangerous so

we have to fight (oh maan, I meant defense our-self, of course). And I´m not even starting with our partnership´s arguments as our partner is so dull against our feeling, so

we have to be sad. Everyone is sometimes, right? We are just humans, people used to say.

Ok ok ok, I understand…  but..

What if I tell you, that this world is actually yours? And you are free to be whatever you want to be? And I mean.. NOW!  That we actually don´t have to do so many things as we think so.

What if I tell you, that all this so called, real life, is just made up reality which you choose to believe? Just think about it, look around. We – human beings – have created this reality in which we live now. All those clothes, cars, manufactures, airplanes, everything what is around you didn’t just drop from the sky. We created it. We can do whatever. So, why do you believe that something like living your dream is impossible?

Plant this seed in your mind. Namaste.

Yes, everyone has a dream, or better said – dreams. Every one of us, have somewhere in our mind this real person with desires, but why so many don´t see it? Where is, this big guy hidden?

Let´s continue discovering

If you are asking How to find a nest of your dream? – you should definitely click on that link


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