Anička is a pink unicorn. She is my traveler companion and she is with me since the beginning of my self-realization, since autumn 2015.

She is beautiful, right? But she is also my real companion, she is my little remembering of the fact why did I decide to go this way. Why am I doing, what I`m doing.

Anička in France

It is always funny for me to observe how different cultures or genders react differently when, after the talk about someone called Anicka, who is travelling with me, I take out this little pink beauty from my backpack.

I love kids when they meet her. Each time they are interested about her wings so I tell them stories about how she just can spread her wings and as she loves to travel, just fly to explore.

  • Why?

Each time they ask, and answer is still the same.

  • Because she can.

She is my symbol of freedom which I found when I decided to follow my dream.

Anička in Amsterdam

There are many connection with Anička on this blog. She is my travelling companion, so she is following each my trip. In part of blog Life  I decided to take responsibility for explaining to her through real situations how happy unicorn she can be if she wants to. I guess that you are wise enough to see a hidden message here.

Before I let Anička to enter my life I was struggling what to do with my life. Studying economy in which I wasn`t interested at all with lot of fears in what kind of life am I falling.

But now I`m here, writing my own blog. I`m thankful each day for everything what I have and I can`t wait to continue, to go further, to explore more, to accept new challenges, since just through them we can grow.

Anička in Italy

On the beginning I had just idea about travelling blog. I let it grow, I didn`t rush and idea came clearer and clearer. Now I know that I want to share within my travelling and creative writing also my philosophy, lessons from which I have learnt, and nice ideas which I collected during travelling, but not through eyes of traveler (I have never liked those “boxing”) but through eyes of human being, which is trying to explain to young unicorn how to live fulfill life. This is part where I let my imagination fly for hundred percent. This is my way of reaching life.

I decided in 2015 that I will live my life as best as I can. That I will follow my dreams, even if some of them are from my childhood and I will try to do my best to find my purest self. So I decided that I will go far away from my comfort zone just because I want to find the real purpose of my life. I found out what I want to do, with what memories I want to leave this world one day.

I want to be proud at myself that I wasn´t scared of life, that I took what I felt that I should take, that I didn´t talk about staff which I don´t have a clue but if I was interested I stood up and went to check it. That I have open heart and I learnt how to listen to it. That I found my inner self and inner peace and had life full of love and satisfaction.

Tupello and Anička (Irish band)

So let see how it is to live as unicorn.


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