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I decided to share with you regularly a new inspiration for a good movie worthy to watch, interesting book or whatever what got me with an extreme need to share. I don´t mean it by bringing you the newest blockbusters available to get,  but I can promise you, that each month I will do my best to find out something what definitely won´t be a waste of time and energy to explore it.

Movie for January – Few Words

As it is winter time, for January I chose movie which will leave an indescribable desire to jump into car with your winter equipment and go to conquer the nearest mountain! Just look at the cover picture of the movie:

Genre: Documentary

Origin: France, Canada (2012)

Director: Matt Pain

Actors: Candide Thovex

Camera: Matt Pain

Length: 59 min

IMDB: 8.4

“He is an animal.”

Do you love winter and its opportunities to go wild or are you the one of those “winter´s haters”? When it come to movie about French freestyle ski rider it doesn´t really matter. I´m sending big applause to director and cameraman (in one person) who made an awesome job here!  Just check out the trailer on the beginning to understand me better

I knew that documentary movies are stunning, I knew that what today´s cameramen can do with their machines is mind blowing, but in combination with this inspirational life story of one young guy who has decided to follow his passion, I couldn´t close my mouth for whole 59 minutes and in those few moments when I realized that it is movie what I´m watching now (that I´m not actually there ), I just prayed to never achieve final subtitles of this marvelous piece of art.

Movie will take you through terrific snow regions as Canada, France, USA, Russia and it follows life story of Candide Thovex – the most inspirational ski rider in nowadays ski subculture. This guy goes by an example since his teenage age to much more older, or more experienced ski (or snowboard) riders.

You do not ski, so you suppose that it can´t be inspirational for you?

Don´t worry, me neither. I have never stood up on ski but I have enjoyed his perfect jumps and funny comments for 3 times in 4 weeks If nothing else, you will definitely have fun just by staring at peaceful mountains and if you will be attentive you will get the message which this movie is trying to tell you – do what you love to do and do it as you want to do it and success will come

Muuusic guys!

Another worthy to mention fact about this movie is that soundtrack fits perfectly and almost each song from movie went straight to my personal playlist. Another big applause guys!

Enough of words, just watch it and let me know if it was worthy for you

“It is not about competitions and medals. Not about trying to do things better, but always in a different way. Skiing all comes down to creativity. There are no set rules. I look at it as a way out, a way to forget about everything else. Being there grounded, reminds me of how significant we really are and what life is about. It´s endless.” (Candide Thovex)

“Anything creative starts with imagination.” (Raphaelle Monod)

Spotify link to playlist from movie: Few Words Soundtrack

Youtube link to playlist from movie: Few Words Soundtrack


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