If you are willing to accept, I can tell you a story about challenges. You may learn something and I like to share such stories. It is called win-win strategy, I think.


From summer til autumn

I had an amazing summer. It was so powerful in spiritual way that I tough that I found the source which will never get dry. My relationships were intense and everything what could, went simply amazing. But the world is constantly moving. Nothing is permanent.

It is amazing how whole world is connected. Good times can´t exist without those which we consider as bad ones. Upcoming confused period was just a new challenge for me to prove if am I really committed to the dream which I have. Even if during this challenge I was repeatedly in circle of ´shitty´ thoughts and many times asking myself “what the hell is going on with me?” I accepted the challenge and decided to go over it. Everything will pass one day.

Even if you are in the most difficult period of your life, you won´t stay there forever. You can count on it in both – the worst and also the best times.

Lost in paradise called Norway


1. Accept that everything is impermanent

Everything in this world is impermanent and I knew that I had a big trouble to accept that. If nothing else, you can trust me at least, that if there is something for what you have too much emotions, that you can´t accept it, understand it, or you have too much anger about something, it will come, to challenge you, to help you to understand. And it is just on you, if you will seize upon, or continue blind.

During my ´summer time´ I had this disturbing feeling somewhere deep in my heart that bad times are coming. I hoped that nothing can touch me, since I went too far, I was shining and I found my way and my happiness. But, my dear, everything is impermanent. And ´there is always the darkest before the dawn´. It is circle and it is permanently moving.

So, where the story begins?

Oh yes, summer 2016 I was staying at country side of Norway – Telemark. I went to Norway with small plan about where I want to stay, and Telemark was my first option for summer as I knew place. For begging of autumn I wanted to travel a bit and then spend the rest on the coast of Norway. But during august I had to decide very quickly what to do since I didn´t have a job at that time and I had extremely strong feeling that I have to go to France, visit close friend. /Summer thought me a lot about accepting emotions. Article about it is here/

From day to night

Summer in Telemark was crazy as I had enough time for everything. I worked very hard and each free moment I spent with friends or just with myself sometimes just by hours in forests in meditation or just wandering in it and thinking about my life. Just when you are brave enough to sit in quite with yourself you can realize what you really want to do in life. (You may be interested: How to find a nest of your dream) 

I said it loudly before when I left Slovakia with words: What I want  is to travel and write. But I didn´t have my idea of how I will do it, what I will write about, and actually I didn´t have a clue what is meant by long-term travelling. I had just this dream in my head and feeling in my heart that this is the right thing to do and other details I will figure out on the road. And it paid off. I realized exactly what I want to do with my life and I decided that I will follow just my heart and myself in my life. I always knew that I want to write, but I had never seen cover of the book. It appeared only when I had enough courage to do it, to go, to fly away

When fears appear

After this super amazing and highly spiritual summer came the period when I didn´t know what to do and where to go. The reason was very simple, I was confused, but it brought me down. I was afraid that now my super time is going to the end and soon I will have to return to my “normal life”, to go home. But what it is normal life, or where I meant by `returning home` I didn´t know, I didn´t take a look on this idea I was just too scared of it. But as I said, everything is impermanent. Even the worst pain will disappear one day, so don´t be worry if something is going wrong currently. You can always change your perspective.

2. Change a perspective

Something is going wrong? You don`t know what to do with some situation, as is it like there is no solution how to solve it without casualties? Change a perspective you can do anything what you want, anything what come to your mind, you just have to trust in yourself and prepare for a battle. And sometimes is worthy just to do something risky, crazy.. new.

As my solution, I prepared my backpack and went to France. You know, when you have this idea that you should do something and it doesn´t want to go off your mind, you should probably do it. Even if it sounds irrational for others. I came to France and as first I made my personal business, which was at the first place the reason of the journey.

Go with the flow

Even if I wasn´t really in the mood to explore country I decided that I´m in my battle and I want to discover secret of France. As recommendation, I went to La Ciotat, amazing beach on the south of France. As usualy my so-called “travel plan”consisted of nature – beach (what is available – depends always on country), historical cities and countryside. I always want to go to countryside of the country where I´m travelling, to blend in with place where I´m. See the basic day life, uncover behavior of native people and their habits.

This trip was very different for me. More than often I had to focus on the fact that I´m travelling. I know why it was like that, I know that this trip was so personal for me that it wasn´t about travelling, but more about deep cleaning in my life. (as my phone was stolen in Laciotat, I don`t have nice pictures from place).

But stay focused

You can always look at your problem from two perspectives. That you are looking for solution or for excuses. Usually when something seems to us as big problem, it is just because we don´t believe in solution. But there is always solution. Usually it requires to open our minds and do a new steps. You have everything for solving each problem which crosses your life, because it is your life which is crossed, and it came to learn you something. So don´t be worrying, just open your mind.

3. Do not underestimate importance of meetings

I was there, sitting on the terrace in this beautiful vacation destination under palm trees with view on blue sea with sandy beach, but I felt so lonely that I haven´t been able even to enjoy walk on the beach during last summer days. Travelling alone is something what I truly love,you learn a lot about value of freedom and independence, but I´m still a human being, with emotions and with lonely moods. And this lonely mood arrived with strong feeling that I should ran away from situation and that I should stay and hold on, in the same time. But I knew that I came for something to France and I was expecting it.

Friends from roads

“It” appeared to be him – totally different way of traveler, with the same dream – travel the world and write about it. It looked like that we are doing same things, that we are working on same principles. We spent nice evening together, lying on almost sandy beach, under clear night sky, drinking rum and talking about life. (with my first bath in the sea under full Moon! Link on article about France coming soon) But I felt it very clearly that it is all, that there is something behind the blanket which I don´t see but should be aware off.

I´m very glad that I met that person, as he helped me to understand that Everyone has his private rules, which are forming his personality. And he helped me to see mine in clear light. Each person which crosses your life can show you something what is hidden within you. You just have to take responsibility for your emotion.

4. Take responsibility

For me, my travelling and my way of living is a choice. Since I realized that I´m responsible for my own life and own happiness I decided to go far behind my comfortable zone just because I want to follow my dream. I´m doing it because I want to do it. I´m doing it because I can´t imagine different way of living my life and I love it just like it is. So when I´m broke, or hungry or tired it is just my problem and I can´t blame anyone for it, I have to take care about it.

And it is the same in each day life. Because living the life which you dream about is absolutely different than imagining or reading nice blog´s posts about it. When you are actually there for example in my case, in foreign country surrounded by people talking in language which you can´t understand, you have to take care about much more (and in the same time much less –article Of course I learnt since I´m travelling coming soon) stuff than you supposed that you will have to.

But whatever life prepared for you, it is your life and you are the one who is deciding about it. When you take over responsibility for your life, you realize that you can do whatever you want.

5. Make own decisions

He was different. That means things which I couldn’t accept but I lost my voice for many days during this trip. Don´t get me wrong, I don´t blame him or anyone for it. It was my problem and I´m very thankful that I experienced it. Thanks to that trip I realized my “list” of things which I won´t do for sure. I know that I´m young, strong, independent and powerful woman and I´m here to learn and explore, so I will try everything what I can to live my life based on my decisions. Make your own decision, they are equal to your own life.

It is very important to remember; the worst times are the best teachers. This long beautiful trip during which we crossed France, Luxemburg, Belgium, Netherland and Sweden brought me to new direction of my life. My planned to stay during autumn on the coast fired off even to better option – I could stay on Bygdoy in harbor on extraordinary sailing boat called Preciosa. And I passed my challenge, since I`m here now



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