“We all travel, some of us forever, to seek other states, other lives, other souls.”

Anaïs Nin


There are many types of travelers in the world. There are many purposes within each road, which is taken. Each one of us has an own vision of what traveling means for him/her.

On the beginning it was so exciting to be refereed as a traveler. It sounds so wild and free. But as I took a bit of distance from the first impact of it, I can simply say that a traveler is someone who travels. Right?

As I was left alone to explore what traveling does mean for me, you should do the same to understand it as best as you can. Roughly thrown into wilderness of world just with my equipment to survive it. And as no one told me how to experience traveling, I did it in my own way which I found as most suiting. I found out the list of musts what travels have to bring to my life. Here it is and I will be pleased to hear your own musts of travelling

7 musts of traveling:


1. Can not be planned

Behind the end is just new beginning

Important is to have a starting point. The name of destination, plane ticket, packed backpack, or sometimes, enough is just the direction. Do not get me wrong, I love plans :D  in true I am addicted to my personal plans and to do lists but wandering through unknown country with feeling that I do not know in true, where I will spend this night or with who I will speak, is really tempting for me. Just let yourself to merge with surrounding and live the experience which is there in front of you. Then magic happens.


2. Very simple, freedom


Freedom of responsibility for taking your own decision in unexpected situation will bring to your life totally new view on freedom as it is. Everyone is dreaming about freedom, but just few really know what is the taste of it. Freedom comes to our life when we´re taking responsibility for it. I like to travel alone because than there are no other´s preferences of what to do, it is just me and my ideas. But equal to it is to travel with someone with who you can be free. Sometimes they have to be pushed a little, but sometimes you need it as well. Then you can just sleep in hidden cave on the beach during rainy night instead of other “normal” way how to spent night at the Amalfi coast in Italy. Or jump to Metal Concert with following night in cozy hotel room for free instead of waiting on the train station for your next trip.

3. Meeting locals (or in the best case – stay over night in local´s place)

People are good.

Nowdays it is very popular to travel and explore countries through architecture, nature treasures or food. Also I love to do it in this way, wonder in wellknown streets of Napoli, hike to famous KjeragBolten in Norway or take Croissant for breakfast in Montelimar. But interaction with locals, conversation guided by them, activities which are prefareble for them are still the best way how to understand country and culture within, as is it now, for me.  What I really love about traveling without plans, that it happens since time to time that I am invited to local´s place for staying overnight. How to better understand country than from the living room of natives?

4. Experiencing food

Real dinner my friends! Potatoes, mushrooms and tomatoes at Jettergryttene. (Norway)

It is the taste of white flour and tomatoes which will remind me Italy for the rest of my life. It is warmed beans with piece of bread which came to my mind when I recall travelling through Lofoten. And it is each time specific taste of beer which I decided to enjoy everywhere where I go just by sitting in a pub or on a terrase (or even on the beach from cans if the situation requires) and explore country through my tongue But what I love the most is just to sit down dining table with locals and hit on their cultural culinary preferences.

5. Solitude

Safe place in the woods where you can rest.

Even if I am travelling with bunch of people, I have to find time for myself and just experience nature by my own, or meditate. How I appreciate those moments when I can turn off the world around me, and focus just even if for a moment, on the world inside of me. Focus on my actual desires, condition of my body, ideas which I need to express, or emotions which I feel. Have a moment for myself, when there are no eyes observing me, or ears listening to me. I do not have troubles to be among people. I love it. But when I am alone, finally just the one eyes which observing me are mine, and in the silent of voices, there is much more silent voice present.

6. Time as we know, does not exist

The best window from “office” which I can imagine.

On the road, the meaning of the time changing its value completely. There is no more struggling about what will happen in next 10 years. The time becames just a currency with which you pay for getting to some place or doing some activity. It is just here and now, and the only one task which you have is to experience it with presence. This is background for deep conversation, inner growing and exploring own brave ideas. It is the life and the presence itself.

7. Something new

Have you traveled with caravan?

Even if reaching unknown destination can be already counted as accomplishing something new, it is not enough for me. I am hungry for trying new things on the road, but since I hate fake pressure I do not push those stuffs. Finesse is just open your eyes, your heart and live experience Live that what experience is offering and do not let yourself get lost in expectation what trip can bring. “Something new” can be anything, and I always taste more than one novelty within travelling. I experienced my first swimming in the sea in France, or I pushed myself to stay drunk during whole day in Napoli as I did not see any other option to survive day after party in Benevento.

But the tendency to experience something new is my task for everyday life also Why to live the same story each day when you can try to do it differently?


Those 7 points are my own personal desires how I sentiment travelling.

And they are proved by Anička


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