Now you know How I met Anička and what happened Before I met her. When the story began, I had enough space to think about my life. I decided that I want to finish university, pack my backpack and leave Slovakia. I wanted to earn some money on the beginning and then, we´ll see, travel and write. So, I let my little friend enter in to my life with the only one promise and I used her as a symbol for this my decision.

I decided that I will live my life just as I want to and I will do what I feel that is right, even if no one will understand. Because, dear friends, this is my life, and I have just this one now.

I did my best and here I am, you´re meeting me on my road, at some point.

I believe that what you can create in your mind, you can create in your life. When I was around 16 I wrote down the list of stuff which I have to do before I will die. There are simple things mostly from my childhood, I´m still adding new. Not all my desires are written there, just some, like milestones. And it is extremely powerful feeling when I can cross out some dream from my childhood. I can see that small girl who wrote it all down, patting me on my shoulder with words: Good job Vicky, I´m so proud of you!

Steps which I want to take

I think that creating a list of dreams is the great beginning of living your own life in your own way. You have heard about it before I´m sure, so did you make your own?

Here is my list from the autumn 2015. I would like to call it List of steps which I want to take. Since I believe that in words is power, I suppose that if you focus more about steps which you want to take instead of concentrating what you need to do, it will open roads to direction of what you really want to do. Not just what you consider that you probably should. (Since, this list reflects the future development of my blog I think it is necessary to introduce you to my future plans )

Steps which I want to take (? = Done)

  • Pass Erasmus Study ?
  • Write diploma ?
  • Travel during staying at home ?
  • Explain to my family and friends what I want to do ?
  • Finish University in Slovakia ?
  • Leave Slovakia after graduating ?
  • Work abroad (getting equipment) /in process..  
  • Write a blog / in process :) ?
  • Buy a van.
  • Build it into the house
  • Leave Norway 

          Travel, study and write with starting point (probably) Spain.

That is as far as I can see. But I would like to mention, that this is just the direction. When I decided to go to Norway after university, I didn´t have a clue about where I will live, or what I will do. You should let your possibilities open and just keep your direction.

Zero Point

There is a zero point within each moment and it is to be in total inner peace and harmony with myself. To love my life and to experience it as far as I can. I´m creating this blog as a prove that in this world, person can be truly happy if he is following his own way. To help you find a courage with starting to do what you truly love. Even as a hobby, but each one person should do what really makes him happy.

My dream is this, yours can be anything. Just make it happen

`DreamLand` – Lofoten (Norway)


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