As in each good story,

there was an important meeting on the beginning. There had to come someone who was able to see an unicorn on the beach. Some kind of guide to help to reach her own guide within her. And of course, there had to be a love. I met Anička during my abroad study in Norway, during staying for first time abroad for Erasmus.

I bought her for one friend as a funny memory of our traveling through Lofoten in Norway, but at the end of this trip it was more than obvious that she belongs to stay nearby me. Anička and Skully (the black guy on the picture) traveled together and since there were no promises between them, they were open enough to learn from each other and create beautiful memory presented now in stories.

Traveling with friend

Anička showed up as a cute unicorn, with strong personality. Even if she looks so sweat, she is independent, strong, creative and brave creature, so I had to decide if am I ready to stay with her. I knew that if I will stay with her, my life will roll up all over. But through the feeling of freedom which she brought to my life, there was no other option in this decision anymore.

She became my equal partner and I have had to hold steps with her as she needs someone brave enough, independent and self-thinking by her side.

So, our story began. But I had to make steps, to follow what I promised to Anička – (understand as what I promised to myself ), to make it all happens.

Freedom of choice


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