One person once asked me to play this game with him, when we were sitting on a small beach on the end of summer with the bottle of rum. We didn´t know anything about each other, not even names since we just met. He said

“Let play this game, I will tell you my life-story, everything what is important until this moment, when I´m sitting here and then you will tell me yours.”

It looked like amazing and interesting idea, so I accepted and he started. I had never told him mine, as he wasn`t a good listener, but it helped me to realize the fact, that there is just one factor which will depend on the end of conversation. If I will start somewhere in the point before I met Anička or after it.

So what was before?

You know, I was studying and part time working at many various places. I had long lasting relationship with perspective view of future. I went out with same group of good friends each Friday and for escaping routine I went with my boyfriend for holidays to do some “crazy staff” as hiking, snowboarding or tourism. Such an idyll, you say so.

But it wasn’t, since within each moment, there was something important missing. I wasn´t happy, just because I was, I needed always more of everything. In true I was worried deep inside of me, what I will do with my life. What a job will I get with my education since I couldn’t really imagine to settle down in my small Slovakia, get married, have a bunch of kids and do account manager for the rest of my life. My Good maan, I´m so young. (Or at least this is my excuse now )


It is said that we plan our perfect life around age of 5. Or other would say that in that age our minds are free of `daily reality` and we still can remember. One way or another, when I was thinking about it I found something true about those words. I wanted to be free to travel and to explore whole my childhood. Just `daily reality` shaded my vision for couple of years. I needed to do something big to make it clear again.

So, I did. I packed my first big luggage and all of courage which I had and I went to Norway for Erasmus. And there I met Anička.

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