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I want to welcome you into my fantasy world. It is going to be a fantasy story what came to me few years ago. Sadly, I did not spend much time to work on it. I do have a rough copy of 3 chapters. The translation of the first one posted here is not even finished, I need to work on English here and also translate the rest, but if you want to have fun and truly use your imagination for understanding a story, here you go. But I can promise you, that once it is all out it is going to be great


It was heavy, strong rainy storm when she came there. Water was falling down from the sky in cold, massive streams and sang by loudly noise on the ground. The lake was lost in the white fog as she could not even imagine how this place will look in the morning. When all shades of night will be gone and dusts will disappear.

He came to open gates for her. Because she has appropriate behavior, she took off hood from her head, which was totally soaked of rain and cold wind. By this move she showed the strongest weapon, which she had – her bright eyes. He smiled, she did not expect anything else. He pulled his hands for gesture of helping with luggage. She took carefully but vehemently strap of her back and stepped straightly with her right foot. By this movement, she elegantly showed knee and thigh, what gave to her enough time of the lost attention of momentary companion to perfect evasion of offered help.

  • This way?

She asked timidly, to unsure her companion about his leader position in the situation, whereas bravely and peacefully walked by footpath to the middle of village.

  • Yes, there you go!

Companion woke up.

  • Go to the middle of village, on the right sight of fountain there is a red house. There you will find Milan.

So, she continued her walking on rubble path. Her face was again hidden under the shadow of her hoodie, what left just her mouth and the top of the nose on the light of seeing. Street was quiet and dark, with peaceful atmosphere dressed in rain. Short cut bushes in front of each hut, blooming roses and smell of the hot tuna on garlic, typical local dish on the north part of Norman.

But there was one interruption in this calm scene. Few more minutes from her, the shape of man with candle light, nervously walking from place to place. Even young scholar of psychology could easily recognize, that this person is suffering in convulsions of restlessness.

She whispered.

And the man in the far noticed her company, he suddenly freezes in to her direction. Rain got stronger, so she fasted her flow. When she was in right spacing with him, she looked deeply into his eyes, he could notice that she did. There was too dark for his eyes to recognize hers face in the shade of dark.

Fear, gloom, pain, lost.

She looked away.

  • Finally, you´re here. I couldn´t imagine how to manage it further, it´s too much now, help you have to. I can´t hold on anymore.


  • Milan, dear friend.

She began confidentially.

  • I am travelling for couples of days and I am in need of the little rest. What do you think about few sips of good beer on the beginning? We spiced something, it will be more pleasant to talk after.

It reviled him. His shoulders, for a moment, felt to natural position for his sinewy figure.

  • Yes, yes, cooked there is for us, Ordfører cared. Supposedly, just let solve everything, there can´t more children become lost. Saying only, it is spoken about us too much.
  • I have heard. Whole Forest is whispering about it, just when you look at the sky..

She stopped herself. He does not need to hear so much. He is too young.

But from the forgotten, confused moue on his face, she assumed that it will come a weird dream for him this night. She touched him too much. She refused to wait any longer, not a second. When she pictured tasty bitter beer with maple foam on the top, she instinctively stepped to the door. She has not been in a shame to catch the handle, even if it not an appropriate behavior as a guest, here on the north. Even if she refused, there was too much of a southern temperament, which she gained through 3 ankri, lived there, nearby southern tip of Rion.

She opened the door, which with stroke come across table behind them. Bowls drained with food shacked a bit after and bottles of green beer Bongor, from Bongordo region on the west of Meadhan, started fluctuating.

If Ordfører had put so much effort to feast them with such luxury and spent considerable transport cost in those time of disorder, he has to feel that this is time of the worship ancient wisdom and Ånak knowledge. That, this is the time, when also Manak world has to accept old true, that there is a power between us, which is not seen by them, but it exists. And It has own rules, gave by space, which has to be follow, since the power is following us in the same time.

Simply said, it is the time to cheer Anak with a good beer.

  • Kozv

In old time of A, on the beginning, the elders used just one language common in each region. It came from A and it consist from words and their intonation. Kozubi in common sense mean: If someone gave you a gift, do not care about his intention, just enjoy with your pleasure.

With her right hand, hidden until now under the brown leather coat, she made a shape of the full moon into the air, so she took off her back and let it felt on the wooden ground. Tiny amount drops of rain burst out to the atmosphere, and lived their last seconds of existence by retention of the smell of heavy rain storm outside. She took the bottle of beer and its guts became lost in couple of seconds in her bowels.

However, Milan has not noticed any of her gracious movements. He was too preoccupied by retraction hinges and locking the door with 3 later checks. He was shaking from the interest part of his body and A around him were shaking with him. She could feel this enormous amount of nervosa in the air even with her back facing.

She was calm and she was manifesting much more interest to tasty goodies on the table, than to her white by fear companion. She just grabbed one juice dried fig which had to travel from at least KARA region, when Milan quietly sat on the chair on the opposite side of the table and cuddle himself into the old overcoat worn by him since their first meeting. She loaded that Mashed of dubious consistency on her plate and decided trust just to her sense, which was telling her that this is her today dinner.

She sat by his right side, to let A flow clearer and looked at him. He was scared. He was so confused and could not decide by himself what he should do. He chaotically watched the room, from the one corner to another and even from his position, small cuddle of body, hidden under shell, he was screaming by unsaid that he does not know, from which side enemy will come. With his untreated beard, so typical for fisherman here, he appeared like old silly man.

  • So, Milan. Tell me, what you have seen.


His eyes sat up.

  • It was whispered, that children getting lost, that forest falling asleep, and it came, slowly came, fights started, between Londorosom and Krietoa, because of the river – Liere and people, who´s protect. There is just settlement, fishermen, mostly, silent life there is. It was whispered, that A is getting stronger there. That many of Anak have been born there. And now..


Sadness came to his eyes, as she had to withdraw her eyesight from him. Her heart was in pain. Just under her tonsils she felt bitter flavor of sorrow as she supposed for a while that that true taste was caused by beer from before. Though, sweet taste of tears, is not staying on the tongue after the hop.


  • They didn´t want to understand, so many sapient went there, so many Anaks, so many awaking Manaks. They remonstrated to the one and to another. King of Krietoa was wiser. On the session, it was said, that it was the Forest, poisoned woods..


It winced her. He noticed as he hid himself under the coat in expectation of the punishment. But it wasn´t him, who stole the light from her eyes. She closed eyes, to get more light. She looked at him peacefully and took few deep breathes. He calmed down and his shoulders found natural position again.


  • That´s not my words, Awakened, don´t punish me, I´m just fixer, between you and session.


  • Peacefully, Milan. I am deeply sorry for my reaction. I understand how you meant it. I understand that those are not your words. But you know, it hurt, you know that forest of the north Norman, Noroidyka belongs to the oldest and the most powerful forest in whole Aar. Not just from my love to Noroidyka, but from my love to whole Aar I believe that those are just unpleasant gossip. If Nihz managed to sow a seed of nothingness to this forest, we will have a lot to do, and whole Aar helps us to.


  • Don´t be worry madam, I don´t trust that. I used to go there, during Voyage, when I still could.

His eyes sadden, he looked into the ajar stove with few glowing flames. As he wanted to burn out this thought from his mind.

  • Madam, the winter is coming, this can´t be happen. If we spited A and A will spite us now..


  • Stop right where you are now. As lettered Manak you should not materialize words like those. By words like those you waste too much your life energy to seed of misunderstanding in your soul. Open yourself, Milan. Find your inner peace, find your way to understand Anak within you. Than you will understand that A will never go against you. Just, if you are pushing too much against A, that accumulated energy has to show up somewhere. You cannot destroy A, you cannot stop it. A is invariable, just its forms are changing.
  • I know madam, I regret my words already, just that Nihz within me..

He shuddered and grabbed hardly the skin on the right side of his neck.




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