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  • That is a strange title for an article from someone claiming a love for a travel. Ok I got you, I will not be so strict here. You can travel as much as you want to. I am just simply asking you to realize, that you are not protected by an invisible bubble while travelling. The bubble allowing you to be careless about an environment. Every your step on this planet have an impact for future generations and for a present as well. Just like mine. No one tells you that in mainstream media because it is a touchy subject. Life is a journey, lets all travel and destroy this…

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Follow your bliss and Universe will open doors where there were just walls.
Joseph Campbell.

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  •   It did happen, that my inspiration for a blog faded away. It did happen, that for a very long time I could not find a courage to share my thoughts again. I honestly think, that a part of a reason for it was a wideness of my interests and inability to cover and divide it into my blog. The licence ran away, problems with plugins and updates  were just raising and one day, approximately a year ago, my server just turned off. I let it to be and focused on my journey as it was. But I knew at that time, that I am not done. Cause writing is…