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  • Hello guys. In article Alone in Egypt vol I , I told you my story of two weeks how I survived in Egypt. My deepest recommendation, especially for (European) girls is not travel to Egypt alone. But as I know myself, I usually don't take warnings to skip some travels seriously. So if you are same spirit, at least store those tips somewhere deep to your consequence, even if they sound too cruel sometimes. Unfortunately I'm sure that Egypt isn't the only place where you should apply them. So lets get started. (more…)

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Follow your bliss and Universe will open doors where there were just walls.
Joseph Campbell.

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  • Through February´s articles I tried to help you find a courage to change what you don´t really like and so find a time for your dreams. I mentioned many times, that the best is to start with something small. I know that it can sound bit confusing, so here is my example.   (more…)