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  • Egyptians, this is a special chapter in my understanding a world. Nation, on one side crazy idiomatic and dangerous. Creating extremely hard condition to live in, for locals and for tourists as well. But on the another side, as I could experience, nation truly generous and kind. Just for me, as a foreign it wasn't easy to cooperate and recognize real intention in the most of situations. Because even if I met good people there, it is important to remark that is a country where you have to be extra careful with your trust. (more…)

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Follow your bliss and Universe will open doors where there were just walls.
Joseph Campbell.

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  • Hello there :) I'm so glad to see you here. Maybe you clicked here after you read previous article - Lets talk about cosmetics or maybe something different inspired you to broaden horizons with alternative ways of cosmetics. In any case - welcome :) So why should we even think about alternative cosmetics? In mentioned article I explained few aspects what should each consumer of cosmetics knows and considers in his consuming. So, well - I think almost each person here. Now I would like to share some tips how to improve your health and welfare as well as you can truly safe a lot of money which you are…