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  •  Italy - a country of coffee and wine, never ending rows of scooters, loudly talking people, oh glistening sea. At least, this is my Italy. Italy is a country which dont really value rules (and I don t mean it as an insult). But when it comes to eating rules`, than we start talking. We all cognize that Italy is a beautiful country with history about everyone knows something, with noteworthy cultural heritage preserved to this day. And it is definitely a country, which had a big influence on historical development of the world, as we know it nowadays. (more…)

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Follow your bliss and Universe will open doors where there were just walls.
Joseph Campbell.

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  • Through February´s articles I tried to help you find a courage to change what you don´t really like and so find a time for your dreams. I mentioned many times, that the best is to start with something small. I know that it can sound bit confusing, so here is my example.   (more…)